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Difficult Discourse: Searching for a Critical Generosity

Berkeley Institute Graduate Conference 2016

February 26th and 27th, 2016
315 and 330 Wheeler Hall
UC Berkeley 

Love and Friendship

Christian Love vs Friendship: How to Treat Ourselves and Others What does it mean to love? How is the Christian commandment to love one’s neighbor di.ferent from loving one’s friends or partner? What does love require one to believe, do, and hope for? We will read...

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The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions When Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientifc Revolutions appeared in 1962, it offered a radically new perspective on the history of science. It challenged the prevailing view that science develops by “accumulation” and argued...

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Truth and Tolerance

Truth and Tolerance: Ways to Deal with Disagreement How should we deal with people who hold views we find noxious, irrational, or dangerous? Should we aim to be non-judgmental or should we instead aim to correct, marginalize, or even shame them? This seminar will...

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Painting Reality

Painting Reality The contemporary age talks much about “virtual realities” and spends much time living in them. But perhaps some virtual realities are not an escape from reality, but a deeper entrance into it. This seminar will examine the art of painting as one way...

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How to Be Christian in College

How to Be Christian In College A lot of people think it should be hard to be a Christian and a college student. Is it? Should it be? And in any case, how can you do both well? Berkeley professors Lara Buchak and Steven Justice will offer both intellectual and...

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Faculty Dinner Talks Fall-2017

Wednesday, September 13th “Christian Responses to Tyranny: Lessons from 20th-Century Europe” Tuesday, October 10th “Architecture, Meaning, and the Urban Landscape” Thursday, October 26th “Authority and the Image of God” Thursday, November 9th “Transhumanism as a New...

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The Problem of Female Spirituality

The Problem of Female Spirituality Public discourse has long considered the Catholic Church as a vehicle for the subjugation of women. For this reason, feminist spirituality is widely thought to be necessarily subversive of traditional Christian teachings, perhaps...

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