Who can come to Institute events?

All area undergraduate and graduate students are warmly invited. You can even bring a classmate.

Can I attend a seminar if I don’t know much about the topic?

Of course. Our seminars presume no previous study or special knowledge from participants.

Which faculty members at UC Berkeley are involved in your work?

You can read about our Senior Fellows here.

How many students typically attend a seminar or lecture?

Attendance ranges from 6-25, with an average number of about 12 students in our seminars.

Are you affiliated with a religious community?

We have a special interest in the Christian intellectual tradition, but we are not affiliated with any religious community or political group. Students from all backgrounds and perspectives are welcome in our programs.

Do your faculty, students, and speakers all share the same views?

Emphatically not. The Institute’s fellows and visitors hold a wide range of views. No program or event should be taken to express the endorsement or beliefs of individual participants.

Are you affiliated with the university?

The Institute exists to support and complement the work of the university, but is independent of it.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to prepare students for positions of intellectual leadership in the academy and beyond.

My class partially overlaps with a seminar. Can I arrive late or leave early?


Can I tell my friends and professors about the Institute?

Yes. You can be added to our mailing list here.

How can I get in touch with other students who attend your events?

Write to us at info@binst.org. We would love to tell you about our Junior Fellows!

Is there any tuition or fee?


How can I write to the Director with a question?

You can reach our Director at director@binst.org

Are you active on Facebook?

Yes. Please follow us to stay up to date on Institute events.

Where are seminars held?

The Institute is located at 2134 Allston Way. All programs are held at that location.

Can I visit the Institute?

Yes. Stop by and see us! Please note we are on the second floor, which requires going up one flight of stairs.