Online registration for the Berkeley Institute’s upcoming conference “Can this add up to an education?” is now available.

The conference will be held February 8th and 9th in Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley campus and will explore the real value of education and the coherency available in academic work. Through plenary lectures by Steven Justice (Professor of English, UC Berkeley), Robert Koons (Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas), and Lara Buchak (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UC Berkeley), as well as panels and workshops led by other faculty and students from UC Berkeley, Harvard, Cornell, UCLA, and the University of South Carolina, the conference will suggest to students how they can begin to find coherence among the fragmentary, specialized, and sometimes partial view of their several courses. What are the principles that underlie intellectual inquiry? What is intellectual integrity? What demands are made by intellectual commitment and consistency, and how can these cohere with the demands of moral commitments and commitments of faith? Students should find some resources for making sense of their education and of their own lived experience.

Please consider joining us February 8th and 9th. Visit the conference webpage for a full description and agenda, or email for more information.