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We are delighted to announce Sr. Fellow Chiyuma Elliott’s new book of poetry California Winter League from Unicorn Press. California Winter League has been recognized as the Editor’s Choice selection for the Annual First Book Award and is scheduled for release in Winter 2015.

From California Winter League:
(Reprint courtesy of Unicorn Press)

“Aubade with Epaulets” by Chiyuma Elliott

Is there a word for the feeling in your head
when the pressure drops?

When a cold front comes like an opened drain
in the sink of the city?

I’m dusting barometers, mulling
the pure complexity of atmosphere—

grey sky, red curtains, the open belly of a fish.
Because a baggie of keys did me in.

Teeth grinding, my hands full of nothing.
Because a trunk full of souvenirs and uniforms

did me in. A bunch of old medals
I’ll have to send back or bury—and the dirt

will spit them all out again, the rain will pelt
the garnets up to the surface, but this time

no-one will yell at me for finding
and pinning them on Rex’s collar.

I won’t always be alone. Soon,
the house will wake up with crumbs in its eyes.


Elliott is currently teaching at the University of Mississippi. She will be returning to the Bay Area in the fall as Assistant Professor of African American Studies at UC Berkeley.