How to Be Christian In College

A lot of people think it should be hard to be a Christian and a college student. Is it? Should it be? And in any case, how can you do both well? Berkeley professors Lara Buchak and Steven Justice will offer both intellectual and practical perspectives on Christians’ relationships with ideas and arguments, with professors and peers, with churches and pastors, and with the choices they face in their own lives. No readings; just come ready to discuss. All undergraduates are welcome. Pizza will be served.

Dates: Tuesday and Thursday evenings on 9/3, 9/5, 9/10, 9/12, 9/19.

Time: 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Discussion Schedule:

9/3: Being a Christian in relation to ideas and to professors
9/5:   …in relation to other Christians
9/10: …in relation to family or pastors
9/12: …in relation to moral choices
9/19: …in relation to larger values and goals

Location: 2134 Allston Way

This seminar is free and is open to all area undergraduates.

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Steven Justice
Professor of English at UC Berkeley





Lara Buchak
Associate Professor of Philosophy at UC Berkeley