Sexuality and Gender Studies:

Practical and Political Sources, Theoretical Frameworks, and Recent Debates

July 18-22

Berkeley Institute, Berkeley CA

In this seminar, we will read, talk, and think about the emergence of contemporary sexuality and gender studies in the last quarter of the twentieth century, as seen against the backdrop of civil rights struggles in the United States, anti-colonial struggles abroad, and various social and political crises played out in part through ongoing cultural changes. We will do a brief survey of central texts in feminism and queer theory, situating these works against a background of 19th and 20th century thought, with special emphasis on some psychoanalytic work and some Marxist work. Our discussion of these background materials will help prepare us to engage with recent work on sex and sexuality, questions about gender identity and gender diversity, the emergence of work focused on newly named “transgender” issues, and the intersection of issues surrounding sex and gender with contemporary concerns over human rights.  Throughout the seminar, we will seek to enable and empower those who have been discouraged from sharing in academic engagements with these matters. We hope to help participants enter the larger conversation on sex and gender in the humanistic academy.

The seminar is for advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in gender theory and sexual ethics.

Application Requirements and Instructions:
Please submit the following forms and documents via email to by April 10, 2016:

1. Curriculum Vitae or résumé with all previous academic and professional experience.
2. Cover Letter expressing the reasons for your interest in the seminar and discussing any relevant experience or familiarity with the topic.
3. One Letter of Recommendation from a professor with whom you have recently studied.

Please be sure that your CV or résumé includes your full name, date of birth, mailing address, email address, phone number, and nationality.

Registration Fee:
There is a non-refundable $100 registration fee required of all accepted applicants. This fee covers tuition, room, and board for the duration of the seminar.


Email Megan Furman at