The Character of Work

The Character of Work. Finding Meaning in Your Vocation

The relationship between our professional lives and moral identities is by all accounts conflicted.  We are unsure how much personal fulfillment our workshould provide.  We are unsure whether our jobs ought to reflect our deepest commitments.  Matters are made more difficult if we lack the ability to think clearly about the nature and character of work itself. How should we decide which vocation to pursue? How will that choice shape our understanding of time, place, and identity? How much money is enough? Are there hidden dangers to working with technology? This seminar will be taught by Matthew Rose.

Weekly Reading Assignments:

October 8: L.A. Paul, Transformative Experience, pp. 1-19, 30-51

October 15: Nicholas Carr, The Glass Cage, pp. 1-18, 65-85, 149-152, 215-221.

October 22: John Maynard Keynes, “Economic Possiblities for Our Grandchildren”

October 29: Dorothy Sayers, “What is Work?”, Jacques Ellul, “The Ethics of Freedom” *excerpt)

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