Theology Reading Groups

Catholic Theology Reading Group

Dates: Wednesday afternoons on 2.21, 2.28, 3.14, 3.21.
Time: 2:30-3:30pm
Student Leaders: Alexander Huber and Jule Coppa
Reading: Selections from Thomas Joseph White, The Light of Christ: An Introduction to Catholicism
Reading schedule:

2.21: God and Theology, Chapter One, focusing on pages 1-10, 17-22, 39-46
2.28: Creation and Humanity, Chapter Three, focusing on pp. 88-93, 98-109, 113-126
3.14: The Incarnation, Chapter Four, focusing on pp. 135-157, 168-172
3.21: Authority and the Church, pp. 180-186, 194-196, 203-210, 31-39

Protestant Theology Reading Group

Dates: Saturday mornings on 4.7, 4.14, 4.21, 4.28.
Time: 10am-11am
Student Leaders: Nathaniel Hodson and Bailey Farren
Reading: Selections from Lesslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
Reading schedule:

4.7: Dogma and Doubt in a Pluralist Culture, chapters 1-2
4.14: Authority, Autonomy, and Tradition, chapters 3-4
4.21: Christ as the Clue to History, chapters 8-9
4.28: The Church and the Myth of Secular Society, chapters 17-18

Our student-led theology reading groups are open to students of all faiths, viewpoints, and traditions. No prior knowledge or study of theology is required. A free copy of the book will be provided to fully participating students from Cal, GTU, or St. Mary’s. For more information, please contact