Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose

Director & Senior Fellow, Berkeley Institute

Truth and Tolerance: Ways to Deal with Disagreement

How should we deal with people who hold views we find noxious, irrational, or dangerous? Should we aim to be non-judgmental or should we instead aim to correct, marginalize, or even shame them? This seminar will consider different ways of handling deep disagreement in both academic and public life. In the first part, we will critically examine two arguments in favor of limiting freedom of expression on campus. In the second part, we will ask how we might see the university as an institution where deep differences, including religious differences, can be engaged in civil argument and exchange.

Dates: Tuesday evenings on 10.17, 10.24, 11.7, 11.14.
Time: 5:30-7:00 PM

Reading Schedule:

10/17: Stanley Fish, “There’s No Such Thing as Freedom of Speech”
10/24: Alasdair MacIntyre, “Intolerance, Censorship, and Other Requirements of Rationality”
11/7: Michael Oakeshott, “The Voice of Conversation in the Education of Mankind”; Harry Frankfurt, “On Bullshit” (selections).
11/14: John Courtney Murray, “Creeds at War Intelligibly”; Etienne Gilson, “Dogmatism and Tolerance”.

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