Steven Justice

Steven Justice

Professor of English; Senior Fellow, Berkeley Institute

The Undergraduate Colloquium

The Undergraduate Colloquium offers students a chance to develop tools, both practical and conceptual, that they can use in pursuing their education and enjoying the life of the mind: tools for reading and thinking, for organizing intellectual work, for for engaging with ideas they like and ideas they don’t, for navigating the challenges of their education and of contemporary discussion. Students are welcome to bring the concerns and difficulties they encounter at university and elsewhere; our discussions are positive and confident. Our general perspective is that of the Christian intellectual tradition, but discussions can range as broadly as the group wants. Newcomers welcome to join at any time.

Dates: Saturday on 1.20, 2.3, 2.17, 3.3

Time: 1:00-2:30pm

Location: Berkeley Institute, 2134 Allston Way