What Christianity Offers the Secular University

What place do assumptions that are distinctly religious have in the contemporary, secular academy?  Often, when people are asking this question, they want to know whether there might be some conflict between being a committed adherent of a religion and the enterprise of seeking knowledge.  But we want to ask a bigger question, and one that should be of special interest to Christians: is there something positive and distinct that religious views can offer the academy? In this seminar we will see how religious assumptions—about what the world is like and what we ought to do—make an important contribution to the university’s pursuit of knowledge.

Dates: Monday evenings on 3.13, 3.20, 4.3, 4.10
Time: 6:30-8:00 PM

Reading schedule:

3/13: Kyla Ebels-Duggan, “Autonomy as an Intellectual Virtue”
3/20: Alvin Plantinga, “Advice to Christian Philosophers”; Nicholas Wolterstorff, “Advice to Those Who Would be Christian Scholars”
4/3: J. Aaron Simmons, “The Strategies of Christian Philosophy”